Aug 4NDDL (tba) Ursus Minor & More

Aug 9 Poullan sur Mer & Aug 15 Eymoutiers

solo recitals

First Delphic Hymn, Satie: 1er Gymnopédie

Rzewski: Winnsboro Cottonmill Blues

Janacek   1.X.1905

Hymas, Jaëll, Bonis, Chaminade, Debussy, Bechet & Ursus Minor

Aug 10 Poullan sur Mer

  Blue Door with Bates Brothers (Chris & JT -piano trio)

Aug 18 Treignac Festival Kind of Belou

Chroniques de résistance

-  a new piece concerning resistance - past , present and future. Words chosen by Jean Rochard  music TH

w. Natalie Richard & Frédéric Pierrot , Desdamona, Elsa Birgé

François Corneloup, Journal Intime & Pete Hennig

Nov 8 -23 Ursus Minor & More

Tour de France

UM is : Grego Simmons, F Corneloup, Stokley Williams & TH

with Ada Dyer & Desdamona


De L'Origine du Monde

This album is a sequence of pieces (orchestral and instrumental), songs and quotations from Gustave Courbet and others - about the Paris Commune of 1871

With: Violetta Ferrer, Natalie Richard, Monica Brett Crowther, Marie Thollot, Helene Breschand, Janick Martin, Didier Petit, Sonia Slany Ensemble - paroles Christian Tarting.

on Disques Nato








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Disques Nato