Tony Hymas Biography

  • Chorister, Exeter Cathedral
  • Studied piano with Harold Rubens at the Royal Academy of Music
  • Don Brown Quintet and Group Sounds Five (with Henry Lowther,  Lyn Dobson and Harry Miller)
  • Pianist and composer for the Ballet Rambert
  • 1972 First 'media' venture  - wrote original Mr Men theme
  • Pianist for Cleo Laine & John Dankworth (1973/4)
  • Joined Alan Hacker's group 'Matrix' - subsequently pianist for Jane Manning (soprano) in 20C rep
  • Accompanied Frank Sinatra at RAH (1975)
  • 'Krark' album with Stan Sulzmann (1976)
  • First of many albums for KPM Library (1977)
  • Jack Bruce Band, album and tour (1976)
  • Jeff Beck and Stanley Clarke (Japan 1978) led to a long association with Jeff. Albums included:
    • There and Back (1980) Guitar Shop (1989) Who Else (1998)
      Bootleg Album (2003)
    • many tunes for Jeff inc La Veronese (aka 'Angel Footsteps). Les Evades de la Nuit (orig for Toni Marshall film -  aka 'Brush with the Blues') The Pump (w Simon Phillips)
  • PHD with Jim Diamond - 'I won't let you down' (1982)
  • Start of the connection with Jean Rochard - Chantenay 1984
  • Tony Coe Trio with Chris Laurence (1984)
  • Radio 3 Performances of Mossolov, Tippett, Ligeti Trio, Prokofiev etc.
  • 'Oyate' album and performances with American Indian artists, dancers and poets (John Trudell and Jim Pepper) and European musicians. 'Le projet le plus fou de l'annee'. (Liberation - 1990)
  • 'A Winter's Tale' album with Jean Francois Jenny-Clark and Jacques Thollot (1992)
  • Formed 'The Lonely Bears' with Tony Coe, Hughie Burns and Terry Bozzio (1991-4)
  • 1993 2 albums w Barney Bush - Left for Dead &
  • Remake of the American Dream
  • Symphony in A flat (1995) (KPM)
  • 1996 For All the Saints - trio with Stan Sulzmann and Paul Clarvis. Album of same name for Village Life. Also 'Bubbling Under' with trio and Sonia Slany 4tet Solid Strings
  • '8 Day Journal' composed for US musician Sam Rivers and ensemble (Premier at Sons d'Hiver) Later  albums include 'Winter Garden' (1998)
  • 'Minneapolis' 'We Insist' and 'Birdwatcher' albums and performances with Michel Portal, Sonny Thompson and Michael Bland, Erik Fratzke, JT Bates, Tony Malaby and Airto Moreira.
  • 'Hope Street MN' performances and album recorded with Eric Gravatt and Billy Peterson. (March 2002)
  • Formed Ursus Minor beginning of 2003 with Francois Corneloup, Jef Lee Johnson and David King.  2 concerts in Paris at Festival 'Sons d'Hiver' Guests included Ada Dyer , M1 and Umi from Dead Prez, Spike and D from Fr grp Kabal and Jeff Beck. D King leaves 2004- (commitments to The Bad Plus) - Stokley Williams joins May 2005. JLJ leaves 2008 and Mike Scott (q.v.) joins. Lot happening with this band 2010 - 2011
  • Trio with Bruno Chevillon and JT Bates (met playing for M Portal on gig Mar '07) - combining elements of 'classic' pno trio and electronics - 1st gig (L'Ermitage - Menilmontant Nov '07).
  • rec w Airto - duo gig in Szombathely (June '08)
  • CD of piano music of Debussy and Satie - an assortment of pieces in chronological order tracing developement, friendship and rivalry of the two composers. Disques Nato.
  • recent perfs in MSP (USA) inc Debussy Etudes - Trio w B.Chevillon & JT.Bates - Ursus Minor with La Rumeur.
  • Ph.D.  'three' CD - Jim Diamond and TH - out on Voiceprint Records - new songs
  • 2010  'De L'Origine du monde' (Disque de l'annee in Le Monde)
  • 2010  Ursus Minor 'I will not take "but" for an answer'
  • 2011  Hymas and The Bates Brothers  'Blue Door'

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